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TohuMuna Internship Program – a new adventure for all

After much discussion as a team, with frustrated students at great events like Refresh Teesside and with other development houses in the area, we decided to create a new short training program. With the aim of helping the next generation of digital entrepreneurs and engineers, we started to look at what we could do with what we have at hand. It is our hope that working in partnership with students in Teesside we can provide a boost in their first steps into a job after college or university as a stronger candidate for employers to consider.

Savannah is our trailblazing Intern who will road-test this new Internship program. We greatly value her courage and feedback as the first person through the process, helping to create the best experience for students taking this opportunity.

In the current job market, experience is highly sought in addition to good academic achievement. Increasingly we were hearing of students at other companies overwhelmed with expectations of prior-knowledge or unable to apply for a role due to lack of experience (catch-22 recursive failure). We can’t hope to fix thewhole problem, but we realized we can make a contribution towards solving it. Perhaps with your help, together we can change the landscape of the digital market here in Teesside.

Great companies aren’t made from great products, they’re made from great people. We want to spend time sharing our journey with the best people – team players who are excited about discovery, daring to react quickly to improved ideas and customer feedback. We value our staff above crafting an elusive “perfect” product and we want to provide space and opportunity for trying something. By valuing, encouraging and challenging our staff we believe we’ll make a bigger positive contribution to the world with our software, tools and solutions.

We are all-too-aware of companies who use interns and placement staff as “free” or “slave labor”, to be abused by the system for the greater profit of the company. We absolutely stand against this practice that sees staff as “a commodity”. Staff are not a commodity nor a by-product to sales targets. We do not see staff as a buy-one-get-one-free or “reduced to clear” offers. The right staff can accelerate your company growth and help you excel in your own role. Why would you dare to treat your staff as second-class citizens?

Being honest, yes, it is true that at the moment we are not in a position to financially support our Interns in the way that we would like. We have been up-front with our program staff at the outset before agreeing anything further. We know one day very soon we’ll be in a better position in that regard. However, we are not letting that stop our goal of helping and enabling those who are able to run with us at this time from having access to our resources. We are doing the best we can by using what we DO have. Our Internship Program is not  “here’s stuff we want doing, get on with it!”, it is quite simply “here’s what we can offer to help you at this time, what would you like to work on?”.

We plan to help our interns with Agile methodology and SCRUM training; Digital project management processes; Version Control systems experience; Active work on real projects with fully attributed work; CV crafting help; Inter-company networking; Demystifying Business Buzz Words; Interview techniques and anything else we can think of or respond with to staff requests.

Even when you consider your business to have nothing to offer, you can still offer your time, support, guidance and relevant training to staff from existing experiences and skills – You can work together to build something awesome. Perhaps they have that connection-knowledge that can take your product in new and exciting directions or solve your SCRUM block with a simple “Have you tried…?”.

Your time is worth money, why not give some of that back to the next generation? We’re pretty sure that along the way, someone did the same for you when you were getting started.

People who come on board our Intern program are not just “Interns” – they’re Staff, they’re our Colleagues and we value their contribution to what we’re building together.

Come September/October time we’d like our Interns, when asked what they got up to, forgo the usual “I was bored – I did nothing, really!” and instead,  beaming with happiness, share:

“This summer I worked with an awesome team who loved my ideas, gave me the chance to run with them, worked on some great products and got free training. Then they gave me references and employer contacts across the region!”


Perhaps you could be our next Intern? We’ll be advertising again later this year…

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