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The Project Management App To End Creative Frustration.

You know when your smart-phone is clogged up with every app imaginable that you think will help make the business side of your project that little bit easier, yet you find yourself just scrolling through tedious amounts of sign up screens and data? Well we think someone’s just made that totally avoidable.

Team, a beautiful new tool, designed to make the world of business a whole lot easier for the creative world. Created by Designer Jerome Iveson, from Thrive, it’s specifically aimed toward startups and small project based studios, rather than large offices with their own HR and Administrative sectors.

The main purpose of the tool is to blend all the necessary apps that are used for day-to-day runnings, for instance apps such as Basecamp, a project manager app, Freshbooks, to help deal with accounting and even Google analytics. All the fundamentally important aspects of all apps, such as these, are blended into one attractive and amazing package.

Now, any small studio or start up can use Team, it’s a dynamic and adjustable software that can be moulded to any persons needs, but it will appeal to illustrators, typographers, architecture companies, graphic designers and web designers. It’s built for the project - to - project users that need to save time and money, and it looks like Team can do just that.

Team also compiles all the date you input such as; project data, invoices, time sheets, client information, expenses and staff data,to offer real-time analytics, offering studio owners transparency about the financial side of their business. It offers metrics on profitability, turnover, and team capacity, analyzing performance on projects.

Offering users real time results, from analytics to financial movements, it allows the users to get a clean and precise look at their metrics, on turnover and profitability, as well as the ability to analyze performance on individual projects.

To most, this sounds to good to be true, but it’s already here, with prices starting at $9- $15 a month per user or $90 -$150 per year, of course this subscription package depends on the plan you choose, which is decided through the size of your studio or respective start up. It’s a pricey bit of software, but, you can’t but a price on organisation and productivity if it ensures a successful business.

Overall,We think this software from Jerome Iveson and Thrive is Epic, with an affordable and generous package, Team offers real time results with a clean, crisp and modern design that allows your business to be taken to the next level.

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