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The better than half price voucher offer for 72 hours only

For 72 hours only you can buy a gift certificate (or multiple gift certificates) for a £75 session for only £35, that's better than half price!!

You can use the voucher for a session on location or at home, for newborn, maternity, kids, family, whatever you like really, the only stipulation is that if you are more than 10 miles away and live somewhere that's tricky to get to you may incur a little in the way of travel expenses but if you think that's you get in touch and I can give you a clearer idea.  In most cases it's not going to happen but if you live in a village at the top of a hill in the middle of Northumberland it might just be a teeny bit more!!

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The vouchers are valid until January 2017 so that's loads of time to use them and if you've just had this years photo shoot and loved it why not buy one and then that's next years spring/summer/autumn/winter photo shoots all sorted and it's not even Christmas!!

To buy a voucher all you need to do is email me and I can sort that out for you, it's the best last minute gift to yourself or others and it's all done by email, it's an E Voucher so no worrying about Christmas post, it can be sorted out in less than 5 minutes which I think you'll agree that at Christmas we all need a time saving activity.

Husbands, your wife wants one, mommas, point your other halves at this page and just drop a few hints and this year you might just get the best present ever!!  Because beautiful photos of your family, well that really is the best present and it lasts forever, unlike socks, a Susan Boyle CD or smelly things that bring you out in a rash!

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To buy a voucher you can email or you can also contact me through my Facebook page, I'm Mandy Charlton and I'm a photographer in Newcastle.