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Tech News

What are your Top UX Tips?

I'm preparing my "10 Tips to Improve UX" presentation for our Breakfast Briefing later this month and would love to know what your top UX tips are.

Microsoft are listening but no one is hearing

Microsoft with it's brand-new CEO Satya Nadella is taking bold steps to be more responsive and more reactive to it's approach to business, started in the latter days of Steve Ballmer's reign as CEO but the tech community at large seems almost unaware or willing to accept they've changed.

No Email Day #4 is on 4/4/14

No Email Day is an annual event encouraging people to avoid email completely for 24hrs so they can be more productive - focusing on their 'real work' instead of all the 'busy work'.

Sage One – Your first step to business success!

Many of you reading this will have heard of Sage, the FTSE-100 software company based in Newcastle, but have you heard of Sage One, their cloud-based accounts and payroll software? No? Well, Sage One was launched in 2011 to provide a low-cost, jargon-free solution for start-ups and small

Flat-Pack Furniture (GASP!)

Now that I have your somewhat horrified attention, Dan Riley from Spearhead Interactive has been in touch with some terribly exciting news. They have only gone and developed a new tool to help visualise the assembly procedure for all manner of products – including the often dreaded flat-pack furni

Epic Profile: Sam Harrison

Secret Origin That would be purely through playing with computer graphics when I was a little kid, I had an Omega 1200 with a 64 megabyte hard drive, so that would be my ‘super power’ because nobody else could save things on a hard drive while doing animation in those days. Also, getting a

Searchcamp Update Bonanza!

When I sat down with Bobby this time he appeared visibly knackered but still bobbing up and down in his chair and the first thing he said to me was “We are making the magic happen”. They’ve been busy! Bobby informed me that the past week was possibly the “busiest week the teams have had yet

Searchcamp Update #5 - The Finish Line is in Sight

So, I know I promised some filmed interviews with the teams this week, however, they’ve not got ‘round to me yet. Fear not, they have been done and should be up on the site by next week. After the last update I was a little exhausted after hearing how jam-packed the programme had been so this