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Tech News

First Drupal Drop In at Drupal Hub

The newly launched Drupal Hub is inviting Drupal enthusiasts for the first Drupal themed open co-working space on 27th January at Sunderland Software Centre.

Forget the throne

Dog-eat-dog, top-dog, survival of the fittest? Why is everyone trying to climb to the top of the pile by any means necessary? It's killing your business - stop it!

The Startup IT Network

If there’s one thing that frustrates me every time I see or talk to a new agency or startup, it’s their complete clueless attitude to their corporate network. It’s like they’re blinkered because they’ve been brought up in a world post-Internet where things are just supposed to be “plug and play”.

Remember your five-a-day

Working in the Ops side of things there are a plethora of things to think about that are glaringly obvious but yet they seem to be overlooked by many. Let this old dog share his five-a-day routine before we get to the meat and Yorkshire's...

The IT Pug - Impostor Syndrome

here's this thing that I sometimes find I suffer from when I'm around very clever dogs who can run through hoops and jump obstacles with a single bound - it's called Impostor Syndrome and it's painfully frustrating.

The Ghost of Projects Past

You've all experienced it, the skeleton in the closet - that project that haunts you (as a client or as an agency working for a client). That project that tries to creep out of the cupboard when you're at your lowest point and take away all your enthusiasm. The IT Support Pug unpacks why we need to destroy the skeleton before it destroys us...