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Tangle, love at first sight.

Seen someone that caught your eye? Didn't have the time or confidence to speak with them? If your question is "How to make up for that lost occasion?" or "How to get a second chance with them?", Tangle is the app for you.

This app makes easier for people, especially the shy ones, to connect with people they fancy, but didn’t have the guts or maybe the opportunity to approach when they had the chance.

After signing up and setting your gender and sexual orientation, you can scroll back through a timeline of people that you’ve seen/met that day or days before in chronological order (this requires them to have a Tangle profile too). You can easily see users' pictures and declare your preferences. Any time you “like” a member who has also liked you back, the application introduces you two in a private chat room where you can warm each other up, exchange info and arrange to meet.

The main and exciting difference from other apps is that Tangle shows you people that you could have seen in your real life and not casual people. That means that the people you see in the app are people that actually have been around you in a range of 50/100 meters and not 50 miles away. This makes a lot simpler to organise and then to have a date. Indeed, you already know that the person you fancy shares your same places and probably lives in your same city. Moreover, it is just perfect for students and people who don't have the car to travel miles away because they could easily take a coffee at the closest bar or see each other in the Student Union.

Tangle is a flirty and light application that is easy to use while waiting at the bus stop, having a break at the library or chatting with friends at a party looking for interesting people to meet. It is also fun to see the day after the people that were around you and, if you didn't, to get in touch with them.

Although the application requires connecting through Facebook, everything is cleverly kept secret. The information that Tangle requires to work are taken from the users' Facebook profile. However, Tangle never posts or shares anything on Facebook. So, if you want to have a look and give it a try, download the app at

The 4 Italian guys from the Tangle Team have also planned several events in the North East to promote the app and give people the possibility to try it. If you want to enjoy one of their Tangle Nights and get a FREE DRINK, there’s one in Teesside University’s Dickens Inn on September 25 and October 3. Very exciting nights are coming! See you there in person, or see you in Tangle ;)