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Review: #Slipknot and #Korn unleash hell on #Tyneside

Newcastle was well and truly hurdled into chaos on Monday night, when pioneers of Nu-metal Slipknot, Korn and newcomers King 810 rampaged the Metro Radio arena with their tour, Prepare for Hell.

The atmosphere before the show was surreal, lines of eager ‘Maggots’ raging to get to the front barrier, ‘Knot t-shirts seen on practically everybody in the arena and a smile of excitement on every single persons face. But nothing could have prepared anyone for chaos that ensued.

King 810, a breakthrough act that is sweeping the metal scene, relished the crowd with tracks from their debut album, Memoirs of a Murder, an album that has already won rave reviews around the globe. They pumped the crowd with monstrous riffs and vocals, and by the end they had won over a fair share of new fans, however it’s clear there is still a long way to go for these guys; an often repeated cliche that sees frontman, David Gunn angrily whispering lyrics gets tedious and repetitive, but with only half an hour to impress the band does well, especially with their most interesting tracks ‘War Outside’ and ‘Fat Around The Heart’.

Up next, Korn, and you can feel the crowd's anticipation, because support acts don’t get much bigger or better than these guys. Bagpipes, groove metal and even a cover of Metallica roll out of Korn’s set, and it works like magic. Jonathan Davis parades around as if he'd been shocked by 1000 volts and makes the set feel like a headline performance with tracks such as; ‘Shoots and Ladders’, ‘Freak on a Leash’ and of course ‘Blind’, being screamed back at Davis and the crew from the audience as if they were reciting scripture. Overall Korn take back any stigmas of slowing down and make the show that much more worth the wait. The whole arena is now is turned all the way up to 11 and the crowd is ready to explode.

Here we go, the main attraction to the freak show, Slipknot and the crowd goes into a state of chaos as their latest album Volume 5: The Gray Chapter’s opening track, ‘XIX’ comes creeping over the arena, after the arena comes into complete darkness the silk curtain comes crashing down into ‘Sarcastrophe’, a strangely surreal track that takes the audience back as the nine brothers come into total sync, both musically and physically.

The stage is appropriately designed to represent the tour name, Prepare for Hell, as we are thrown into a backdrop of a derelict carnival, a stage filled with so much pyro they could have started a war and a demonic goats head as a massive centre piece to the whole package. The whole set looks like it was ripped from a scene out of a hollywood masterpiece, perfect, add in their latest singles ‘The Devil in I’ and their Grammy Nominated track the ‘Negative One’ and you have totally blissful and engaging anarchy.

Nine members on stage means it’s difficult to focus on one person at a time, Corey Taylor, dressed to kill in a bulletproof vest and tactical gear belts out screams and melodic choruses like a machine running around the stage with enough energy to power the entire arena, DJ Sid leaps from every height that he can get to like a hyperactive toddler. Craig Jones remains still the entire set being a solid foundation of the symphony of brutality, Crahan and Fehn run around the stage and arena whilst smashing up the custom rhythm section, whilst Jim Root and Mick Thompson keep to either side of the stage delivering the backbone of riffs and solos that create this on-stage circus, with every act in full swing.

Tracks such as ‘Before I forget’ and ‘Duality’ are combined as a back-to-back deal and the ground greets it fiercely as the arena screams the lyrics back at Corey and the crowd becomes one giant monster of mosh pits and devil horns. Fans who have seen the guys before know the legend of ‘Spit It Out’ at live performances and already begin to take form as Corey talks the ‘Newbies’ through the process of crouching down and not moving, as Corey, politely puts it, “Not until I say, Jump up” and as Corey gets the record straight and screams for the crowd to ‘Jump Up’ the arena rises up like one gigantic fist with so much ferocity that Funeral For A Friend, playing down the road at the same time were probably shaken by it.

Only a few bands in the entire world can own a venue, crowd and fans with such natural ability but Slipknot do just that, and they prove to Newcastle and the world, nothing can stop them even with the death of bassist, Paul Gray, and Joey Jordison being kicked out of the band, nothing can bring this company of misfits down anytime soon, and they proved to Newcastle just how unstoppable they really are.

Jake Heslop


    1. XIX

    2. Sarcastrophe

    3. The Heretic Anthem

    4. My Plague

    5. The Devil in I

    6. Psychosocial

    7. The Negative One

    8. Three Nil

    9. Eyeless

    10. Vermilion

    11. Before I Forget

    12. Duality

    13. Wait and Bleed

    14. Spit It Out

    15. Custer


    1. 742617000027

    2. (sic)

    3. People = Shit

    4. Surfacing

    5. -Funny-

    6. 'Til We Die