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Note to self - Don't work for clients who don't care about their employees #digital #tech #creative

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We have a new policy here at Sharpe Recruitment HQ- We will only work with clients who we know care about their staff because that way we know they will care about our budding candidates when we represent them to the latest and greatest North East Tech Companies we are confident they will flourish and their career will be nurtured.

Life is too short and it's too hard to get out of bed every morning and go to work for the Man when he doesn't treat you right, wouldn't you agree?

How can Laura and I, having built up a reputation as caring recruiters, knowingly throw you to the lions? It would be Barbaric of us, worse Gladiator style in this day and age!

So we need you the employers, who hold our young talented peoples futures, to tell us why you are great to work for and how you treat your staff, this is your moment to shine so please comment...

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Julie Sharpe -  - 07815 286 057