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Searchcamp Update #5 - The Finish Line is in Sight

So, I know I promised some filmed interviews with the teams this week, however, they’ve not got ‘round to me yet. Fear not, they have been done and should be up on the site by next week. After the last update I was a little exhausted after hearing how jam-packed the programme had been so this

Performance Artist Sitting on a Pole at Tynemouth

“Well, basically, I’ll be planting a 17ft telegraph pole out at Tynemouth, 150 metres from the beach and sitting on it for 16 hours - an apology for not being a manly enough man.” For some of us, giving and receiving an apology is more effective when doing it face to face or may

Be inspired - Summer Season events at Baltic

Let BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead inspire you with these events and courses: ACTIVE ART: ABSTRACT PAINTING COURSE Inspired by Thomas Scheibitz’s exhibition, this practical course gives participants the chance to explore different ways of making abstract painting. Starting

Epic Profile: Iain McPherson

Iain, along with some of his close chums, has managed to create a viable and thriving creative business based in Middlesbrough, and with all of them coming out of Teeside University this area is gathering the bragging rights! I caught up with Iain at the illustrious Boho One building outside in the

Searchcamp Update Bonanza!

When I sat down with Bobby this time he appeared visibly knackered but still bobbing up and down in his chair and the first thing he said to me was “We are making the magic happen”. They’ve been busy! Bobby informed me that the past week was possibly the “busiest week the teams have had yet

Would You Call Yourself an Artist?

Would you call yourself an artist? Yes? Great! Now would you call yourself an ‘entrepreneur’ too? No? Well, you should because as an artist you need to be very resourceful, creative and enterprising if you’re going to succeed and make a living from your talents. Being an entrepreneur is

Party On The Beach!

Special Offer!!! Party on the Beach Its all happening on Majuba Beach on 3rd August and in this what a great way to spend an evening dancing on the the sand! Party on the Beach are now offering 4 tickets for the price of 2 online only. Please pass on to friends and family. Tickets can still

Epic Profile: Sam Harrison

Secret Origin That would be purely through playing with computer graphics when I was a little kid, I had an Omega 1200 with a 64 megabyte hard drive, so that would be my ‘super power’ because nobody else could save things on a hard drive while doing animation in those days. Also, getting a

Saltburn Shorts

The 7th Annual Saltburn Film Festival takes place this year 23rd October until 27th October. If that ain't enough they're running their 'Saltburn Shorts' competition again! Any subject will be considered as long as the short is no longer than 15mins. For an application form simply e-mail arts@sa

Flat-Pack Furniture (GASP!)

Now that I have your somewhat horrified attention, Dan Riley from Spearhead Interactive has been in touch with some terribly exciting news. They have only gone and developed a new tool to help visualise the assembly procedure for all manner of products – including the often dreaded flat-pack furni