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Sage One Spotify Playlist - Volume 1

One thing I noticed as soon as I joined the Sage One team was how much people here loved their music. It plays a huge part of everyone’s lives and I’ve been impressed by the knowledge and wide range of musical styles everyone is into. As such, we’ve compiled a Sage One Spotify Playli

Epic Review: Alpha Papa

Staples of TV comedy Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci bring arguably their most recognisable character to the big screen in what Coogan calls his ‘love letter to Norfolk’. Fear not, there isn’t a hint of Ali G or a smidge Mr. Bean in sight, this truly is feature length, textbook Alan. Endless

Who is the Ultimate Munchkin?!

Munchkin Deluxe Card Game I don’t know if you've ever played traditional role playing games (RPG) when you were younger, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. I did not, however I always kind of wanted to. As it happens I’m on my first D&D adventure this Sunday. Cannot wait. For the

Epic Profile: Andy Preston

I first met Andy when profiling Bobby Paterson at a packed Refresh Teeside. Seeming as we’ve been following the story of Searchcamp, I thought I’d sit down and have chinwag with one of it’s co-founders. What followed was a fascinating insight into the mind of a man who tirelessly does all he c

Sweet Shop Season at the Tyneside Cinema

The Young Tyneside Programmers are a group of 15-19 year-olds who meet weekly to watch and discuss film, learn about cinemas and plan their own seasons and events. As a special Bank Holiday weekend treat they’ve put together a season of films to celebrate Young Tyneside and bring the su

Lit & Phil Summer Speaker series

Delivered by research students from Northumbria University’s Department of Humanities, the summer series of lectures will cover a wide variety of topics from gothic horror and vampires (two of my favourite things!) to tales of Newcastle locals and their influence across the globe through

DIBI : Design It Build It

We at Epic Times are passionate about many things but two in particular, creative people and digital people. When the opportunity to acquire the long running and successful web conference DIBI came about, we leapt at the chance, and I’m here to tell you why. DIBI stands for Design It Build It,

Searchcamp Update #5 - The Finish Line is in Sight

So, I know I promised some filmed interviews with the teams this week, however, they’ve not got ‘round to me yet. Fear not, they have been done and should be up on the site by next week. After the last update I was a little exhausted after hearing how jam-packed the programme had been so this

Performance Artist Sitting on a Pole at Tynemouth

“Well, basically, I’ll be planting a 17ft telegraph pole out at Tynemouth, 150 metres from the beach and sitting on it for 16 hours - an apology for not being a manly enough man.” For some of us, giving and receiving an apology is more effective when doing it face to face or may