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DIBI Sponsor Profie: Richard Taylor - Sage

Origin Story I originally started working for Sage in 2005 after completing my Psychology degree. My first role was as a Technical Support Advisor, supporting our customers and listening to their needs before moving on to become an Implementation Professional ensuring the needs of those cus

DIBI Speaker Profile: Wes Mason

Wes is a polyglot developer with over 15 years of experience programming large scale networked applications. Currently works as a product engineer for Server Density, curates PHP Weekly from his sofa, releases lots of open source goodness via the Internets, and lives in Yorkshire, England with wife

DIBI Speaker Profile: Yossef Mendelssohn

Githubber Yossef's been working with computers for most of his life. What he cares about now is people — helping them work together, helping them learn together, helping them build great things together. Helping them make the world a better place. Oh, and dancing. But isn't that the same thing, re

DIBI Speaker Profile: Paul Adam Davis

Paul is a designer, award winning developer blogger and podcaster based in Kent. When not working on Kodery or other little web tools, he builds beautifully functional responsive WordPress themes for various design agencies all over the country. He has a keen eye for detail and simplistic but well-c

DIBI Speaker Profile: Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

Luke once designed and built a site on GeoCities, way back in 1998. Since then, he’s designed and built things for folks including British Council, Microsoft,, O2, and Pearson. Now he spends his days designing ways to make content the most important thing, no matter what the medi

DIBI Speaker Profile: Phil Sturgeon

Phil hails from Bristol which he claims explains his love of cider. He now resides in New York working for awesome new startup Kapture, a mobile app that rewards you for taking and sharing photos of the brands and services you love with your friends. As Lead Engineer, he pumps out PHP, Python and J

DIBI Sponsor Profile: Ian Gifford - Orange Bus

Orange Bus specialise in complex custom development projects, Conversion Optimisation and Open Source web development. Known affectionatley by his colleagues as Giff, Ian is Head of Design at Orange Bus and boasts being their Foosball champion of 2013. Could you tell me a bit of your origin st

DIBI Speaker Profile: Jack Sheppard

As a UI and web designer Jack has worked with record labels and government institutions and most things in between. He’s a firm believer and advocate for natural user interfaces and finding ways to create products that benefit and provide value to a user. One of the ways to achieve this is to neve

DIBI Sponsor Profile: Simon Spencer-Harvey - R&B Group

Simon is creating some truly unbelievable visuals for this year's DIBI Conference that have got us buzzing. The R&B Group have just been incredible in their support in building this event up into what is going to be a truly unforgettable experience for the delegates. Just wait 'til you see what's in

DIBI Speaker Profile: Javier Usobiaga

Javier is a web designer and front-end developer from Bilbao living in Bacelona. He started Swwweet, his own web design studio with his wife in 2009, and they've been since building beautiful experiences for small businesses and startups alike. Javier, along with his wife Marta, will be delivering