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Top 5 Hidden Features in iOS 7

If you’ve been following the tech press (or indeed any press) lately, you’ll know that Apple, the innovative giant who first made the smartphone a ‘must have’ with the revolutionary iPhone, are about to release their biggest software update since the original iPhone - iOS 7 later

Tangle, love at first sight.

Seen someone that caught your eye? Didn't have the time or confidence to speak with them? If your question is "How to make up for that lost occasion?" or "How to get a second chance with them?", Tangle is the app for you. This app makes easier for people, especially the shy ones, to conn

Epic Profile: James Sebright

I first met James when he contacted me after attending our inaugural PowwowBiz and he was keen to jump on the Epic train. This is for grievous reasons. James is a brilliantly talented local photographer and like so many talented creative people he is struggling to find business and is criminally bei

Epic News!

Good day Epic friends! Its been some time since we've posted one of these here bit-o'-news but as it happens we just so happen to have some news! Fancy that! First up, there's been a few folks wondering what's happened to our monthly meetups or 'Powwows'. Where've they gone, are they still happen

How to write a CV for the Creative industries

We have been using CVs as a method of shortlisting candidates for a long time and despite predictions of their near demise, it is likely that they will still be relied upon by recruiters for the foreseeable future, in combination with the candidate’s online presence. A CV is different from an

Music Slash Art introduces itself to Newcastle

“From the outset we wanted to challenge preconceptions of a venue and focus on the experience.” – Danny Hughes (@HeyMrHughes), one of the creators and thinkers behind MSA. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of checking MSA (@MusicSlashArt) out, then I really advise you to do so. Locate

How to dine like a celebrity!

Graeme Cuthell, founder/owner of Irvins Brasserie in North Shields has provided us with this simple but delicious and affordable 3 course meal fit for a celebrity. Confit duck, fennel and sesame salad Ingredients: 4 large duck legs 1 kilo duck fat 1 head fennel 1 red onion ½ cucumbe

Epic Times Interviews Krissi Paterson from Fittr Labs

George Sharpe (@FollowEpicTimes) talks to Krissi Paterson (@KrissiPaterson) of Fittr Labs (@FittrLabs) about My Paleo Box (@MyPaleoBox) and her experience of the Searchcamp accelerator programme working out of Teeside (@Searchcamp).

Searchcamp Update #6

Right, this is a super short update as I'm on my way to Searchcamp's highly anticipated demo day in Teeside as we speak! Searchcamp has drawn to a close and they've made the move over to the illustrious Boho Four building in Middlebrough to start their Searchcampus phase to further nurture their tea