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New Powwow Biz #1 - A special event for Creatives

The Newcastle Gateshead Creative Industries Partnership Group in association with Epic Times are mixing up the way Creatives do business. You’re invited to join us at a special PowwowBiz event from 6-8pm on Tuesday 16th July at Clavering House that will act as a free forum for all creative types to speak out, be heard and discuss some of the problems and barriers they face in business.

If you’re thinking ‘woah there buddy, you can’t just throw the B word out there and expect me to stay interested!’ that’s kind of the whole point. When creative folks are lost and don’t know which direction to turn, the doors to help are often made of solid steel; cold and hard to open. We want to provide a platform where all creative types can shout out the problems they’re facing directly into the ears of business experts who are passionate about the growth of creative businesses in the North East. It’s a win/win!

There will be a mix of creative and business types talking about what inspires them and the challenges they face followed by a panel for discussion. The focus is on Inspiring and fostering entrepreneurial spirit in creative people.

If you’ve got that spirit but just aren’t sure what the next step is, all the better! And if you’re a creative student or graduate, this is a couple of hours of your time that is invaluable (did I mention it’s free?). So shuffle down, grab a beverage and bite to eat on us and let’s set the wheels in motion!

Please sign up here and we look forward to seeing you :)

Tuesday 16th July 2013 at 6pm

Clavering House, Clavering Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3NG. Map.