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My first blog of a new weekly blog "Let's Talk Tech" #recruitment #techjobs #digital #startupblogs

This is my first of what is going to be my weekly blog of 'Let’s talk tech' and my aim is to share my knowledge and experience of over eight years of working in Sharpe Recruitment as a specialist recruiter in the digital and creative sector in the North of Englandand hopefully get you lovely folk to interact support and commentfrom the North East's digital/tech and creative community...

First off I would like to introduce myself with a bio:

My name is Julie Sharpe and I have been working in the digital and creative industry now since 1989 and I love all things digital but most of all I love the fab people I have met along the way in my career and who make this industry the most exciting and vibrant one that I am proud to be part of...anything can happen with the right people...

I never dreamt I would end up in recruitment!

Well, do you know what, I think maybe it was my destiny, I have been so lucky to have done so many different things in my career and despite being dyslexic and failing my 11 plus, I knew I could draw so I went to Harrogate Art School but soon learnt I had an entrepreneurial itch I had to scratch and I did!

I have had such a great time making my dreams become realities, in 1982 at the age of 23 I fulfilled my first ambition and opened a dress shop and by 25 I had two, at 28 I helped my husband Tony start the North's most successful independent Computer Graphics company "Sharpe Images" and I ran the facility along with Tony for 7 years before we sold it and at the age of 35 we went to run a full service Post Production House in Leeds called "The Look" and developed the business to achieve just short of a million pounds in our first year!

At 39 I fulfilled another ambition and went into property development, I built a portfolio of property, some I rented and some I resold but soon the digital world was calling me back and at 44 I was one of the first to market with a large format digital design business running from a thing called a "website", ha!

I regularly appeared on TV "darling" with "Justin and Colin's How Not To Decorate" and Ann Maurice and the "House Doctor" and “Designs For Living” I then used this PR to do google ads "As seen on TV" it was a huge success!

This involved working with some great artists and photographers and at the age of 48 I wen tto help photographers develop their careers with expert training by the talented Annabel Williams and Business Guru Catherine Connor who now runs Aspire.

Then in 2008 I moved to Newcastle as my husband Tony had a new position as head of graphics for Dene Films and I went to work for a TV and Film equipment supplier, Marketing Manager at the Bdaily, consulting on numerous New Business projects in TV production and enjoyed mentoring students as well as starting Sharpe Recruitment with my beautiful and clever daughter Laura Sharpe.

Together with my talented son George we have contributed to the tech scene by starting Epic Times, hosting DIBI the Design It Build It conference and ran The School of Tech last summer along with sponsoring many tech and creative conferences and meet ups.

Now you might be wondering why I am not plotted upon a beach in the Caribbean sipping rum punches and flipping pages mindlessly on my iPad, spending my hard-earnt cash where ever my heart desires and you would be right to! 

Well meanwhile reality happens, I had huge successes but I have also taken the knocks along the way too! Funny how some things don't work out the way you planned them, like my husband at 54 was struck down with that topical terminal illness Alzheimers in 2009 and we are 8 years in to his terribly sad journey but I know it all makes me who I am and anyone who knows me knows I am a fighter and I don't give up at the first hurdle and I know there are plenty more of those bloody hurdles through life but there is also the human joy of my family, friends and of course, my work.

I have wonderful clients who respond regularly with my communications and every day I get to interact with todays immerging as well as experienced talent, how lucky am I.

Thank you for being here and now you know a little bit more about me next week my first topic is "How fierce is the competition for talent in the digital/tech sector?"

Julie x

Please feel free to ask me any questions or comment on my blog, also anyone can blog on Epic Times so go for it!