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Music Factory Sweden and Generator Newcastle first collaboration

Music & Business School 2014-2016 Skara, sweden

From music business idea to reality

This 3 years project will show you how to run and manage your own company/one-man business and give you a basic understanding of business skills. It will bring you up to date with today’s music business trends and give you an insight into how the international music business works today. The course will also cover music law and deal making; intellectual property rights of creators and how to register and protect your music. It will also give you an insight into digital distribution, pricing, negotiation, contractual obligations and settlement and how to approach potential clients in different countries. An overview of international music trends will also be available to help you identify and target potential customers. Music industry experts from around Sweden will deliver the course.

Music Production

Production skills are delivered through workshops and seminars in audio recording, acoustics and the different types of music production best suited to different genres. The course will also cover how to build and setup your project studio, basic computer knowledge and skills in some of the most common music programs as well as music mixing and mastering. There are also writing camps in different genres and specialties. There will also be sessions on how to write lyrics, how to create music in different genres and how to create music for commercials, advertising, movies, video games and so on.

Marketing and Branding

This course covers best practice in the use of social media (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ etc.) for artists, songwriters and producers to help you promote and expose your music or brand to a wider audience. It also covers publicity and press coverage and design of website home pages. The focus of this course is how to enhance your music business offer and will include presentation skills, an insight into digital sales, competitive pricing and network and client management.

International Network

International collaborations will be developed through cross-country get-togethers in writing-camps with the lead roles being played by professional publishers and artists from different countries. The purpose of international network development is to pass on new skills and understanding about the workings of the music business in different countries, but also to help create global networks and new transnational or international collaborations. On the industry side, joint seminars, workshops and clinics will focus on a greater understanding of the international music business, international music law, differing corporate structures and international business advice. Insight will also be given into differing deal structures from publishers, record companies and big business and digital distribution. Once trust has been established through face to face meetings these will be supplemented by further collaboration over the internet featuring shared webinars, songwriting via Skype and so on.

All to give basic knowledge’s in international Music Business for the purpose of creating global networks and new collaborations over borders.


Martin Hedström project manager Music Factory