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Mango News

Hello, and welcome to Mango Studio's November newsletter!

This autumn we've had a diverse range of work come in -  we've been filming for companies, charities and schools alike; and we're excited to show you what we've been up to. With the work we've been doing it really felt like we've been filming the future of the UK, and we hope you'll see why below. 

Tomorrow's leaders

This month we've once again had the pleasure of working with the NHS, alongside Inclusion North, to film a series of incredible videos for them.

We recently filmed one of their leadership courses for those in the North-East with learning disabilities, and we hope that you'll be as inspired as we were when you see the videos we have planned. 

Over the next nine months we'll be meeting with individuals who came to the course, and seeing first hand how it affected their lives. Each person that attended the leadership course left with an incredible range of ideas and plans that would set them up as leaders in their respective communities, and we're excited to show you how they're doing.

The long-term nature of the project means that viewers will get a rare glimpse into the effect that foundations like Inclusion North can have, and we hope you'll check in with us to see the results yourself. 

To see more on our work filming Tomorrow's leaders, click here.

Buzzing around Grange First School

Like many others, this September we here at Mango Studio were back to school. Commissioned by Newcastle Council, we were sent to Grange First School to showcase the new building that they've finished construction on. 

This meant we had an opportunity to use our drones to produce the film, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Previous angles of the school that might not have been seen properly were given the attention they deserved, and the modern architecture on display was captured at its very best - whether from ground or sky. 

The building was a pleasure to film, and the result was a film that captured every brick of the new wing. Using our drones is always a lot of fun, and we hope pupils and staff enjoy their new block of the school.

Click here if you'd like to see the drone footage of Grange First School.

 Catapult manufacturing roadshow

To wrap up our diverse autumn, we were in Darlington to produce a corporate film for Catapult's manufacturing roadshow.

While there, we got to see some of the mind-blowing work that Catapult was doing. The projects on display ranged from futuristic manufacturing methods to work with nuclear research - and while we may not have understood much of it, the people attending certainly did. 

We're glad to have captured the buzz that we found at the roadshow, with our film showing off the top minds of the industry discussing work that affects many industries in the country. For those of us who might not have studied gene therapy, we had a very helpful representative of Catapult explain what the roadshow was offering to its visitors (and the rest of the country). 

If you want to see the interesting work that's founding the future, you can find the video here. 

And finally,

 Unfortunately that brings us to the end of this month's newsletter. Much like summer, it seems we have to say goodbye - but unlike fleeting British warmth, we'll be back in December for another update on what we're up to. We'd love to see you back, and look forward to showing you more of the exciting projects we have in the works!

Until then, you can check out our website here, and feel free to get in touch if there's anything you need. 

From those of us at Mango Studio, enjoy the increasingly festive season, and see you next month.