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Kick Cards Primed to Make Startups Shine

Newcastle-based startup engineer, James Rutherford, launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new innovation tool last week.

Kick Cards are a smart, fun way to discover new ideas and help cover blindspots, helping startups find the pivots that will bring the most successful business model.

The playing-card sized pack contains more than forty question prompts designed to spark discussion between teams, and help bring perspective to lone founders.

James has developed them from his own experience running and working in startups, and trialling them with teams from the Ignite Accelerator over a number of years.

"When you invest your passion, emotional energy and money into your startup, it's very hard to separate yourself from it, or even just to see what isn't working well. Kick Cards are a very simple device to help you unlock that and potentially find a far better way of doing things", James explains, "Each card opens at least fifteen minutes-worth of discussion on some crucial topic".

Image title                                                     Photo Credit: Tynesight Photographic Services

Tristan Watson, CEO of Ignite, adds, "Kick Cards are an amazing idea to help people look at their ideas from a

opportunities, and in a really simple form".

The campaign has exceeded expectations, hitting the original funding target in just 18 hours.

James has added some 'stretch goals', rewards that will be unlocked when additional funding targets are met. These rewards include extra cards, a special sheet for players to record their ideas, and an exclusive backers party. Any further funding will help unlock these extras for all backers of the campaign.

Individual packs are available, but companies who work with startups might also consider sponsorship or decks branded with their logo to give as promotional gifts.

You can find out more, and pledge on Kickstarter