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J6 Film - Time For A Brew #northeastfilm #creative @j6_film #production #filming #postprodution

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Last month we were honoured to be commissioned by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums to create an installation of Documentary Film sequences. The films are a part of ''Charge'' England’s Northern Cavalry’ new gallery within the Discovery Museum.

The new exhibition charts the pivotal moments in the colourful history of these regiments, from the capture of Napoleon’s carriage at the Battle of Waterloo (1815) to more recent reconnaissance missions in Bosnia (1993), Iraq (2004) and Afghanistan (2009), and honours the vital roles played by those born and bred in the north of England.
The documentary film sequences highlight some of the complexities of life as a modern Light Dragoon and a deeper sense of reflection on personal motivation and action. 

Carolyn Ball, Manager of Discovery Museum, said: “We’re really proud to present the important history of England’s Northern Cavalry, and in a way which we feel is accessible to all ages and interest levels, from fun role-play activities and displays, to tackling some of the more emotive themes of combat, including a series of newly commissioned interviews about real life experiences and the huge impact on those affected.”

Major General David Rutherford-Jones CB, Colonel of the Regiment, The Light Dragoons, said: “Light Dragoons and Northumberland Hussars everywhere are deeply proud of their heritage. The success of this new museum gallery, Charge, is the result of unprecedented cooperation between The Light Dragoons, Queen’s Own Yeomanry (Northumberland Hussars), Tyne and Wear Museums, Newcastle City and of course The Discovery Museum staff.”

Samantha Davidson

Cayle Royce