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#EpicCraves we want this January!

One of the best parts of working at Epic Times is that we get to put our ear to all things trending and developing in the world, from pop culture collectables to the latest gadgets, Each week we will gather, identify and feature everyone’s latest ‘Craves’ in the office to share with  all of you.

Marvel Funko Pop! - 6 inch ‘Hulk Buster’ and ‘Thanos’

By Jake Heslop

The Seattle-based toy company has taken over the collectable and pop culture industry and is vastly becoming a top crave around the world. If you’re a lover of pop culture then you will have definitely seen at least one of these figures around. Alongside the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron there is an array of Pop Vinyls being released, but the most awesome one of all is the super sized 6 inch ‘HulkBuster’, a perfectly stylised vinyl figurine of Tony Stark’s ultimate tactical suit. Alongside Funko’s highly successful Guardians of the Galaxy range last year they are now releasing the villains from the phenomenal film. Thanos, the almighty legend in the Marvel universe, looks to be the best of the lot and is up there on the top of my ‘crave’ list. Totally awesome plastic that is expected to be displayed on my desk as soon as possible! has Thanos on pre-order at £13.99, we are still waiting for an announced date of release for the Hulkbuster figurine.

Pop In a Box - Monthly subscription box service

George Sharpe & Jake Heslop

Walk into any comic shop, entertainment retailer or toy store and you’re bound to find one of Funko’s signature collectables, a ‘Pop Vinyl’.  Funko now have over 125 licenses including; Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Disney, Marvel and even hit TV show Sons of Anarchy.

On the flipside of the success of subscription boxes such as Loot Crate and My Geek Box comes POP IN A BOX, the only subscription box out there that guarantees you an awesome mystery POP! Vinyl figure or POP! Bobblehead thats not in your collection each month.

The ‘Pop in a Box’ allows you to subscribe to various price plans offering you one to six pops each month, depending on your plan. It’s an interesting subscription box and is becoming incredibly popular among pop culture collectors, especially with their exclusive virtual online collection database which users can build to show off their current and growing collection.

Check out their website for their package deals which start at £8.49 at:

Samsung Gear VR - Virutal Reality on the highstreet

The whole Epic Office

Gear VR is a device full of potential, with an estimated £200 price tag it’s looking to be an essential piece of kit to complete your Samsung Note 4. The Gear VR is possibly the most accessible virtual reality headset on the market.

The entry level price, sleek and modern design, alongside it’s fantastic visuals it’s easy to see why this might possibly be the most wanted gadget of 2015. However, with it’s limited functions due to the development stage it is at, the lack of software and apps available but also the fact that you have to own a Samsung Note 4, which if not on a contract can be pricey bit of kit, it could be a major setback for VR enthusiasts.

As some of us in the office already own a Note 4 we’re excited and cannot wait to get our hands on this piece of tech to see how VR develops and creates endless potentials for the industry from now on.

Check out for a full review and specs of Gear Vr

Visit for the official website.

Overall, there were many more craves we all wanted but this is just a shortlist of the most talked about this week, so keep the conversation going, tweet us @FollowEpicTimes and tell us your 'Craves' this week with #EpicCraves!