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Epic News!

Good day Epic friends! Its been some time since we've posted one of these here bit-o'-news but as it happens we just so happen to have some news! Fancy that!

First up, there's been a few folks wondering what's happened to our monthly meetups or 'Powwows'. Where've they gone, are they still happening, how am I supposed to have any fun? Fear not! We've been tinkering in the background and have a brand new day and venue to announce!

That’s right Epic friends the famous Epic Powwow is back in a shiny new day on the first Tuesday of every month and a new venue (The Town Wall’s Cinema Room, proper fancy) with a couple of twists.

If you’ve never been to a Powwow before basically it’s a chance for creative and digital people to grab a beverage, get together and really get to know each other, none of this business-card-swapping nonsense that we’ve all seen so often. We're also putting the call out for all of you to jump up and tell us about any news you might have on the evening. We also provide some yummy grub. Just sign up at

Secondly, we're currently offering some desk space to any budding creative or digital types who can't necessarily fork out loads for a work space. £35 pr week inc desk, chair, wifi & of course Epic company! Get in touch with

Thirdly, and this is for the designers out there, we're running a little contest with Northern Design Festival. We're inviting designers of all types (illustrators, graphic designers, artists, photographers, etc.) to be influenced by a piece of music to produce artwork for that artist. It all culminates in an exhibition event on the 11th October where we invite the artists to play their chosen song and have some of the artwork on display. Prints of the winning pieces will also be available to order on the evening with proceeds going to the Newcastle Crisis Skylight. So keep an eye on the Epic machine for those tracks to go up!

Lastly, There's still a few tickets left for DIBI Conference, a two-track conference for the design and build ends of the web at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. We're offering a 30% discount for all of you who've yet to snap up a ticket. Just head to the Amiando page and stick in the code DIBIdiscount

Just one more thing, we're always on the lookout for creative and digital people to profile, always want to hear about any news you may have to feature on Epic so don't be afraid to get in touch with

Thanks for reading and have a swell rest of your day!