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DIBI Sponsor Profile: David Jeffries - Digital City Innovation

David is Head of Digital City Innovation & Graduate Enterprise at Teesside University, the headline sponsor for DIBI 2013. You may have seen him introduce Kirstie Anderson's talk at DIBI 2013. Digital City Innovation have European funding (that's real money!) at their disposal through their fellowships and other smashing support to offer new digital businesses so why not get in touch.

Secret Origin

Classic broken home child, mediocre at school, all the way through until leaving school, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and my art teacher suggested that I go and do an art foundation course. He thought I could draw, I couldn’t, I still can’t! From there they suggested I go and do a degree and I thought degrees were for other people. I went and did a fine art degree, and then realised I probably should be doing a commercial graphics course and moved into the photography lab and started playing with computers before Photoshop was really a thought. So, it began to come together at the end of university and from there a short stint in London and then back up to Yorkshire. I worked for some graphics companies in Soho then I came up to the North East 17 years ago and never really left apart from a short stint in New Zealand and then I met my wife and moved back here.

How did the job DCI come about?

I was fancying a change, I’d been running my own businesses for nearly 20 years and I just felt that it was probably time to go and do something different. A friend said to me you should have a look at the job at Teesside University and I was encouraged to apply and lo and behold here I am!

What turns you on culturally?

Probably film. Where I live we’re not hugely close to a lot of culture. Sharp comedy, I quite like indie films, we watched Albatross last week made in the Isle of Man, and Tyrannosaur which was really quite good and based in Yorkshire. My favourite comedy is Phoenix Nights, I remember that kind of mentality in working men’s clubs and I think that’s kind of died out now.

View Product Is there a tune that gets you out of bed in the morning?

Chumbawumba, Tubthumping that’s the song that’s on the iPod when I go to the gym. The antithesis of that is probably Seasick Steve, Hudson Taylor and a good blast of AC/DC, everyone needs that!

View Product Is there a guilty pleasure?

Beer and curry! When I didn’t live in this country they were the two things that I missed the most, real ale and decent curry. My favourite beer is Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, some of the most important decisions in my life centred around Timmy Taylors, they sponsored my wedding! The Kashmir in Bradford is the best curry house in the world, it was Keith Floyd or one of the others that put it in their top 10. Also, my chickens, just a great reality in owning chickens.

Is there a life-changing read or movie?

I’ve got a big DVD collection. It’s a Wonderful Life, Seven Pounds with Will Smith, probably the more obscure films, Bad Boy Bubby an Australian film. For a read I would say A Singular View: The Art of Seeing with One Eye by Frank B. Brady.

View Product Is there a quote to end all quotes?

Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. - American Indian Proverb.