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DIBI Speaker Profile: Wes Mason

Wes is a polyglot developer with over 15 years of experience programming large scale networked applications. Currently works as a product engineer for Server Density, curates PHP Weekly from his sofa, releases lots of open source goodness via the Internets, and lives in Yorkshire, England with wife and mischievous 2 year old son. Check out his website where he has been talking about blue custard and snoogans since 1999!

Wes will be delivering his talk Island Life at the DIBI Conference on Tuesday 8th October.

Could you tell me a bit of your origin story?

I'm a Yorkshire man born and bred, originally from Hull (where I also attended Hull University).

I've been a hacker and programmer since my very early teens, from the dark and murky waters of early IRC onto early British dial up modem internet access, to founding my own startup with an Icelandic-American friend at age 15 (we provided secure email and server access services in a market already collapsing from the DotCom implosion, but we came away with enough money after a year to buy new laptops and call it quits).

Throughout the years I've also had my hand in creating my own comic books (both web and dead-tree), speaking about computer security, and as I grow older developing an ever growing fascination, and collection, of pocket watches (the venerable antique silver half-hunter being my favourite).

These days I work for Server Density, helping to build a product that monitors 42k servers across the world, curate PHP Weekly, build lots of open source, talk at conferences and user groups, and spend as much time as possible with my amazing wife and 2ish year old son-come-monster.

What are you looking forward to most about DIBI 2013?

Probably catching up with a few other attendees from past DIBIs, and making new acquaintances.

What turns you on culturally?

Collaboration, of pretty much any sort, which is why I'm passionate about open source, and how ideals from collaborative programming can also be applied to other areas, even outside of IT.

Is there a tune that gets you out of bed in the morning?

"If I Had $1,000,000" by Barenaked Ladies, nothing like a dose pure humour and warmth to start the day.

View Product Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Being a diabetic I'd have to say pretty much any kind of chocolate is a guilty pleasure for me, some more guilty than others.

Is there a life changing read?

"Fallen Angels" by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn made a big impression on me about the differing views many people can have in the world, without necessarily being wrong. It also makes quite an easy to digest sci-fi yarn.

View Product Lastly, Is there a quote to end all quotes?

"A critic is like a eunuch at an orgy. He knows how it’s done. He’s seen it done every day. But he’s unable to do it himself." - Brendan Behan