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Deli delivers highly addictive brownies straight to your door!

Thanks to my good friend Morgan, I was able to attend the fabulous launch of Deli Delivered (@DeliDelivered_) - a new delivery service specialising in freshly baked sweet and savoury little bundles of joy. Otherwise known as, cakes, brownies, Italian desserts, ice creams, Panini’s and salads.

Officially launched as a delivery service on the 5th of November, the new venture not only delivers handmade treats straight to your door, but also sells other delicious local produce to help support independent businesses’ throughout the North East.

Generously brought to Newcastle from the talented bakers behind Deli Espresso (@deliespresso), a sit in deli on Salters Road, Gosforth, I wasted no time in munching my way through the delivery menu while trying not to devour the whole shop. Not being a Mary Berry myself, by any standards (I barely know how to correctly grease a baking tray), I was just extremely grateful to be invited along to an evening which promised cake. And I certainly hadn't anticipated the withdrawal symptoms the following morning.

Upon entering the shop, my eyesight went a little hazy. The shop looked like it was decorated wall to wall in small, bite sized pieces of heaven, and rather than politely introducing myself to anyone, I power walked straight towards to what I thought were the brownies.

To my delight, these were not just your normal brownies. Oh no, because on top of these brownies was a generous layer of caramel, solid chocolate with chunks of snickers mixed into based, topped off with a light chocolate icing. My taste buds melted. So much so, the next morning I woke up thinking about these particular brownies that proceeded to dominate my thought process for, at least, the next 24hours. I'm only really just getting over them now. As well as the brownies, they have also created their version of the classic crowd pleasers - rocky road. However, like the brownies, these weren't just your ordinary slabs of rocky road. They were bold, crunchy, chewy, yet melted in your mouth - you could really taste the genuine passion and care that had gone into making them. A close second favourite to the snicker laced brownies.

Besides the cake stands, upon tray bakes of exceptionally good bakes, the deli itself is also rather sweet. Above the door, I noticed a sign which read 'People who love to eat are always the best people'. Holding my 6th cake in hand, I gave it a little salute while reaching for my 7th piece of delight, which to be honest, I didn't take note of what I was eating as it all was just so delicious!

To find out what it feels like to have hardcore brownie withdrawal symptoms, don't deprive your taste buds and head straight to to get your fix. You won't regret a thing.

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