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Cultural News

Bonfires? More Like Borefires! PowwowBiz is Back!

Bonfire parties? Pfft, they are so 1605. We think you should come and have a drink and a bite to eat with us instead, just for a couple of hours anyway. Besides, we’ll have indoor fireworks! (Yes, I have it on good information that they are a thing). Come and be a part of the burgeoning creative

Our Top 5 Epic spooky goings-on this Halloween

Tour Tynemouth Priory in the dark It’s sold out the past two years and there are only limited tickets left now for this spooktacular hour-long tour which is filled with tales from the dark side, brought to life by the Little Cat Theatre Company. Not suitable for children under 8.

Deli delivers highly addictive brownies straight to your door!

Thanks to my good friend Morgan, I was able to attend the fabulous launch of Deli Delivered (@DeliDelivered_) - a new delivery service specialising in freshly baked sweet and savoury little bundles of joy. Otherwise known as, cakes, brownies, Italian desserts, ice creams, Panini’s and salads. Off

Jam Jar Cinema: ‘If you build it, they will Come’

Although living in the North East is (literally and figuratively) chilling at the best of times, its one saving grace is its independent cinema culture. From the unashamedly hip DIY community art cinema Star and Shadow to the delectable programming of Tyneside Cinema, sampling the delights of these