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#CreativeFundingNE - Funding the Creative and Digital North-East

As a recent graduate in the creative and marketing sector and working with Epic Times as an intern it’s inspiring to know that the North-East is a pivotal region in the industry, especially with the amount of opportunities available to those who are wanting to start up a business or just need that little bit of help to develop and boost their current situation.

Some of the most influential business providers from a range of industries in the region - sharing their exclusive tips and advice on running an organisation and making it a success!

On the 26th January this event, organised by Transmit Start-Ups, brought together people from all over the country in the creative and digital industry, to be inspired and educated on business mentorship, grants, funding opportunities and overall support for new and current business owners.

The panel featured more than a handful of professional experts who were more than helpful to educate the audience, the panel of speakers, included: Joy Gair from NBSL, Ian Straker from Transmit Start-Ups, Alasdair Greig from Northstar Ventures, Sarah Thirtle from Creative United and Jonny Gray from Generator.

The panel was ran by Transmit Start-Ups Chair, Damian Baetens, who kept the audience actually asking the panel questions and also kept it humorous, friendly and informative.

Overall, for a short event it was inspiring, influential and promising, to see just how much the North-East and the rest of the UK  has to offer the community and surrounding industry in the creative and digital sector, not only for financial support, but they also can offer mentoring, advice and encouragement. 

The region should feel a lot more confident with individuals and organisations such as these supporting the backbone of our industry. Thank you, to Transmit Start-ups, all the speakers, Wardhadaway for sponsoring the event and Rich Myers for running the evening and event.

Please find links to all organisations below:

Transmit Start Ups -

Creative Industry Finance -

Northstar Ventures -

Generator -