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Creative News

14-19 Yr-Olds: The Factory is Recruiting

Those smashing folks at everybody's favourite independent cinema have gone and done it again. The amount of opportunities they lay before young creative people is really exciting! Now they’re shining a light on the digital arts. This time Pixel Palace and the Tyneside are putting the call out to y

Saltburn Shorts

The 7th Annual Saltburn Film Festival takes place this year 23rd October until 27th October. If that ain't enough they're running their 'Saltburn Shorts' competition again! Any subject will be considered as long as the short is no longer than 15mins. For an application form simply e-mail arts@sa

Would You Call Yourself an Artist?

Would you call yourself an artist? Yes? Great! Now would you call yourself an ‘entrepreneur’ too? No? Well, you should because as an artist you need to be very resourceful, creative and enterprising if you’re going to succeed and make a living from your talents. Being an entrepreneur is

Epic Profile: Iain McPherson

Iain, along with some of his close chums, has managed to create a viable and thriving creative business based in Middlesbrough, and with all of them coming out of Teeside University this area is gathering the bragging rights! I caught up with Iain at the illustrious Boho One building outside in the

Performance Artist Sitting on a Pole at Tynemouth

“Well, basically, I’ll be planting a 17ft telegraph pole out at Tynemouth, 150 metres from the beach and sitting on it for 16 hours - an apology for not being a manly enough man.” For some of us, giving and receiving an apology is more effective when doing it face to face or may

Sage One Spotify Playlist - Volume 1

One thing I noticed as soon as I joined the Sage One team was how much people here loved their music. It plays a huge part of everyone’s lives and I’ve been impressed by the knowledge and wide range of musical styles everyone is into. As such, we’ve compiled a Sage One Spotify Playli

Stateside Architecture Student Re-purposes School Bus

It's not everyday I post something from the US but I just thought the creative imagination at work in this story deserved some Epic attention. Fustrated with mundane, on-paper submissions for imaginary clients demanded by his architecture degree, Hank Butitta bought an abandoned school bus on Americ

A Lovely Day for a Neighbour

Ask yourself: Would I move into and could I make a home from a 5-foot-wide house? The world is becoming urban. We can obviously recognise that over the last Century, the planet has steadily become urbanized and the rate is growing. In major cities such as London and New York (even Newcastle at it

Are you aware of The Artists' international development fund?

The Artists' international development programme is a £750,000 fund, jointly funded by the British Council and Arts Council England. The programme offers early stage development opportunities for individual freelance and self-employed artists based in England to spend time building links with ar

How to write a CV for the Creative industries

We have been using CVs as a method of shortlisting candidates for a long time and despite predictions of their near demise, it is likely that they will still be relied upon by recruiters for the foreseeable future, in combination with the candidate’s online presence. A CV is different from an