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Creative News

ICYMI Working with a Mental Health Need - World Mental Health Day @colleaguesontap @HP_artcreations

"Wow, you run your own business, that must be great”! This a phrase I have heard many times over the past 3 years and my reply is often “Yes, it is – most of the time”. Nobody wants to get into a deep and meaningful conversation or bare your soul during a networking meeting but the truth is that running your own business can be tough, especially if you have a mental health issue.

How To Choose A Colour Scheme For Your Home

Choosing a colour scheme for your home can be tricky – and with so much to think about, if you're not an experienced interior designer then you might struggle to get started. Follow these simple steps to a colour scheme you're crazy about!

Creative Employment Programme

Purpose of the Creative Employment Programme The Creative Employment Programme aims to: • Increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities across the arts, museums and library sectors • Increase the number of paid interns in the sector, with a view to completely eradicating unpaid internships in the long term • Deliver work-focused training opportunities to 16-21 years old to help build their confidence and employability skills • Generate long-term commitment to sustaining new job opportunities beyond the life of the Creative Employment Programme • Establish/maintain equitable and fit for purpose recruitment practices • Improve understanding of employment challenges associated with the arts • Develop robust local partnerships that can help improve employment opportunities for young people • Establish effective relationships with Jobcentre Plus • Increase Arts Award attainment.

Temporary CCTV used for time lapse video

A set of Durham City traffic CCTV cameras have been used for a little fun, creating a time lapse video looking down on the Miners Gala. Read more to see one of the videos.

The Bespoke Programme with Aspire Photography Training

The Bespoke Programme has been acknowledged by the photographic industry as world class and the best in it's field. Introduced in 1998 it has trained and coached some of the best photographers in our industry today. The Bespoke Programme was created for people who are serious about creating a successful, professional photographic business, with no time for mistakes. This is no ordinary programme - it is the original and still the best.