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Creative News

ICYMI Working with a Mental Health Need - World Mental Health Day @colleaguesontap @HP_artcreations

"Wow, you run your own business, that must be great”! This a phrase I have heard many times over the past 3 years and my reply is often “Yes, it is – most of the time”. Nobody wants to get into a deep and meaningful conversation or bare your soul during a networking meeting but the truth is that running your own business can be tough, especially if you have a mental health issue.

How To Choose A Colour Scheme For Your Home

Choosing a colour scheme for your home can be tricky – and with so much to think about, if you're not an experienced interior designer then you might struggle to get started. Follow these simple steps to a colour scheme you're crazy about!

Creative Employment Programme

Purpose of the Creative Employment Programme The Creative Employment Programme aims to: • Increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities across the arts, museums and library sectors • Increase the number of paid interns in the sector, with a view to completely eradicating unpaid internships in the long term • Deliver work-focused training opportunities to 16-21 years old to help build their confidence and employability skills • Generate long-term commitment to sustaining new job opportunities beyond the life of the Creative Employment Programme • Establish/maintain equitable and fit for purpose recruitment practices • Improve understanding of employment challenges associated with the arts • Develop robust local partnerships that can help improve employment opportunities for young people • Establish effective relationships with Jobcentre Plus • Increase Arts Award attainment.