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5 Web Design Trends for 2015 & Why They Work

The web design world is in a constant state of evolution, with best practices moving forward at an impossible pace. Whether you’re a business owner, web designer or aspiring entrepreneur, staying up-to-date with online innovations offers a wealth of rewards - especially considering audiences evolve just as quickly as the techniques themselves.

Here’s what 2015 in web design looks like - and why it pays to chase the trends.

Death of stock photography

There’s no doubt ‘good’ stock images will always have their place in the corporate web design world, but 2015 marks a shift towards high quality custom photography being featured front and centre. This means companies can introduce some personal style and celebrate their backgrounds - allowing businesses in regions like the North East to take on London-based giants through unique and characterful design.

Responsive meets interactive

Responsive web design is what the web was built for - and this year, dynamic design takes the next step, reaching new levels of interaction with the user. Daring designers are exploring the potential of interactive design, offering a more immersive and engaging online experience than ever before by building sites that respond to the user’s movements - and 2015 is your chance to immerse your audience.

One-page wonders

One-page scrollers are dominating the world of web design, with businesses across a multitude of industries taking a chance on this bold new layout. Ditching the classic sitemaps of yore, companies are now testing the limits of their homepage - bringing all of the essentials to one place and offering visitors a rich, comprehensive experience where a scroll gets them everywhere they could possibly need to be.

Minimalism reigns

Intricacy and complexity are dead - the age of minimalism is here. Professional web designers are becoming increasingly infatuated with the ‘less is more’ phenomenon, eliminating any visual and informational excess in the name of clean cut designs that bare all. Experiments with negative space have proven worthwhile, and the websites leading the way in 2015 are pioneering this technique to simple and spectacular effect.

By embracing this year’s most prolific and influential web design strategies, your business can compete with the online elite in 2015.

This piece comes courtesy of Shaw+Skerm - a creative design agency providing bespoke web design to SMEs throughout the North East, and the rest of the UK.