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5 Key tips to create Brand Equality for your business by @GeorginaZip for @We_Are_Zip #branding

One key way to build brand equity is to create a set of design “rules” that tie together the look and feel of all your marketing materials. 

Some companies are very strict with these rules and have a HUGE brand guidelines policy that any company working with them must adhere to. 

These rules are often referred to as “brand standards or brand guidelines” Ideally, brand standards do the double duty of creating awareness of your brand and differentiating your brand from your competition. 

In addition allowing your brand to portray the same consistent and clear story. 

It is recommended that even the smallest companies develop and maintain brand standards. The breadth and depth of brand standards can vary greatly, depending on your needs and budget. One effective way is maintaining the same colours and logo throughout all social media. 

The key 5 areas that need to be consistent and clear when creating your own brand standardisation are the following: 


1. Logo

There is no single element more important to creating brand standards than the consistent use of your logo. First, you should not change or alter your logo on different standard marketing marketing material. Second, its placement and sizing should remain consistent within each communication/marketing channel (e.g., business cards, website, social media, letter heads, etc.). Rules can vary by type of material, but not drastically. Some larger companies have different logos for working with other companies in partnership. Remember to create the correct look and feel with your logo. Your logo is something that should be worked on and developed over time to ensure your company always looks 'up-to-date' and professional. Take a look at the way Kit Kat or Coca Cola have changed their logo over the years. You have not noticed the change but it is there. 

2. Graphics

Use bold symbols and shapes in a consistent and creative way. Choosing the same basic graphic elements helps your customers remember your brand faster. Think of Microsoft and Apple. Simple yet very effective. The symbol or shape is easily recognised and remembered. Also, stay consistent with borders and/or backgrounds or show a pattern of consistency that complies with your brand standards. 

3. Colours

Colour is one of the most important elements in brand identity. It makes an immediate impression on your audience, and plays a large role in memory retrieval. Therefore, colour can significantly impact someone’s perception of your brand. It is therefore vital you get this correct and include the expertise of a professional brand/design company. If you are dealing with companies outside the U.K remember that colours have different meanings in different cultures. You may need to consider creating a different colour pallet for your branding when targeting a particular country. In China gold is seen as wealth so this may set you apart from the competition to have your business cards gilded. 

4. Font

Chose a handful of fonts to use on all your marketing materials. You could take this a little further and ensure everyone in the company uses the same font when writing emails or other correspondence. Standardising in this way creates an air of professionalism. 

5. Photographic and illustrative style

You should consider what type of visuals (pictures and images) you want to feature on your marketing materials. Will your visuals consist of illustration or photography? If photography you should employ a professional photographer to compile a bank of photos for you (I can recommend a couple if you need them). Try to stick with one or the other. Regardless of your choice, your visuals should be similar in style and colour usage, black and white, four-colour, two-colour, etc. When you have identified rules for the above, distribute them to any employee or vendor (like Edge Print or Zip Media) who may need to reference them. 

Remember we can help you create your brand identity and equality with the added benefit of ensuring it reaches your identified target audience.

If you would like to discuss anything above please give me a call I would be happy to help. 07841 590116. 

Thanks for reading. 

Georgina Llewelyn